"We are a voice for those who cannot express, and they are the expression of our voice".



It means Community Action on Youth And Drugs. A health promotion service designed to educate, inform & initiate.


We provide advice around housing, and offer temporary accomodation as well.

Community Food Bank

Times can get tough and sometimes you need that bit of help to feed your whānau. If you're struggling to make ends meet, the Food bank can help.

He Poutama Rangatahi/Tūhono Mentoring

For rangatahi aged 15-24 years old. We help them work towards their goals & aspirations!

Radio Stations

We operate two Radio Stations:

Bridge FM 91.7- music from the 50s to today.

The Beat 88.1- music from this millennium.

Health Promotion Awareness

HPA stands for health promotion awareness. We offer updates to the community on upcoming health promotions.

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