Budgeting Services

Sorted Money Week 2019 is a public awareness campaign aimed at empowering New Zealanders to manage their personal finances.

Refer to the attached link for the Helpful Hints Steps 1 - 6 for getting ahead financially.


It's Your Future

Whakaatu Whanaunga Trust Budgeting Unit has designed Education programs with Youth in mind but can be utilized by all age groups.  General information is available and programs can be modified and extended to encompass all your needs.   If there is any subject or topic you would specifically like to learn more about, just ask.


Also attached to the budgeting education programs is a Living Skills component. All participants are shown how to cook inexpensive meals and all get to sample the fare.  Everyone is encouraged to share recipes, buying tips and money saving ideas.


For further information please contact our office on 07 3155174



The Budgeting Unit also co-manages the Opotiki Community Food Bank and is responsible for issuing emergency food parcels for individuals and families who have been declined Food Grants by Work & Income. 


Thanks to the generosity of the Opotiki community, we continue to be able to offer basic non perishable food items.  Annual applications to funders also helps to fund purchases of milk powder, sugar and oats. 


We are also extremely grateful to a very generous man who deserves a special mention, Wally Thurston.  He drops off weekly food donations without fail. 


Also, we would like to acknowledge the members of the Opotiki Presbyterian Maori Mission and the members of the Opotiki branch of St Vincents de Paul whom also makes regular donations of food parcels throughout the year. 


Without our community's support, we would struggle to continue to provide this service.  We take this opportunity to acknowledge our pride in our community

To access Food Bank services, please read more information here