Important Information


Youth Payment & Young Parent Payment
Please bring the following to your appointment:


Bank Account number, Stamped Verification

IRD Number

Identification (Birth cert, child birth cert, Passport, Student ID, License)

Verification of living costs
(Rent, board, tenancy agreement, power, HP, fines. Please include bank acc details)

Employment details (if working or worked in the last 52 weeks)

Parental income (if living at home)

Cellphone (must have)


Also please make sure you have registered with MY ACCOUNT:

This is on the Work and Income website. You may also access the Kiosk at any Work and Income branch.

MY ACCOUNT is where you can see any information regarding your benefit


Food Bank
To help us assist you in the best possible way we are setting these guidelines.

Access to this service is available up to 3 times in a 12 month period from your first visit to us.


Our aim is to help you back to self-sufficiency, with that in mind please do not be offended by any suggestion and requests made by our staff.


Criteria to access Opotiki Community Food Bank:

Check your eligibility with WINZ. If declined food assistance then obtain a letter from WINZ.

Must be living in the Opotiki District.

Support letter from another Opotiki external budget advisor or agency.

All referring agencies need to be informed that undertaking Budgeting is a pre-requisite for all their clients needing to access the Food Bank.

Failing the above, a designated staff member will determine the urgency of each case, taking into account, the circumstances of the applicant and or their children.


We would like the opportunity to visit you in your home in order to offer follow up assistance in a way that will help you get ahead.


Emergency Housing
Applying for an Emergency House:


Fill out the pre-tenancy application form.  Download it here  or visit our offices at 94b Church Street, Opotiki. 


Make an appointment with the Budget Adviser to determine affordability.

To make an appointment call (07) 3155174 or call into our offices at 94b Church Street, Opotiki.


Budgeting Service
Please bring the following to your next appointment:


Bank Books and / Statements

Details of Rent / Board and your landlord

All Hire Purchase agreements

Mortgage, Rates and Insurance details

Current Household bills

Any other expenses or outgoings you have


All Beneficiaries must bring the following information, before a budget can be created:


Income breakdown- Benefit rate, ASUP, Family Tax Credits / Other

Debt offset(Balance of debts and SNG debt owing and weekly repayment amounts)

Payee offset details.

The above information can be obtained by creating a RealMe Login with WINZ.


These documents will help your budget adviser to help & support you, therefore they are very important

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