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A short term whare for whānau

KAINGA TAUPUA Short Term Transitional Housing opens it's doors for another whānau here in our community.

Our papakāinga launched in 2021with only three homes on the whenua and three whānau prepared to move in. Since then we have opened another 3 kāinga.

While whānau are in our whare we support them with financial mentoring, up-skill in healthy homes knowledge as well as having our wrap around services available. Supporting whānau with long term housing goals from home ownership to building on māori whenua or long-term rental is a requirement all our whānau must undergo or have in place before they exit our whare taupua services. Our housing team walk alongside whānau to achieve these goals.

The circumstances of every whānau vary, however housing has been an issue in our community for a very long time.

"We went from living in our car for months to now being in a home environment. It's changed our lives for the better."

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