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The season of giving hits early for Ōpōtiki



For the past 33 years, the Opotiki Community Foodbank service has been a vital support system. Although it may not be visible, your contributions can profoundly impact the lives of those facing hardship.

Your day to day donations play a crucial role in sending children to school with both breakfast and lunch, and they provide evening meals for families grappling with the challenges of escalating rents and stretched incomes.


The Foodbank relies on the generosity of individuals like you to ensure that families across Ōpōtiki have sustenance on their tables. Your contribution, no matter how small, is valued, as everything is utilized, and nothing is wasted.


Whether you have surplus fruit from your garden or an abundance of vegetables, every bit makes a difference.


The dedicated volunteers who run this service take time out of their day to ensure that our community members are cared for.


Operated by volunteers, the foodbank service is housed at Whakaatu Whanaunga Trust. We aim not only to provide food assistance but also to offer comprehensive support to families. When whānau seek food support, we ensure they receive holistic assistance from our financial mentors, whānau support, and any other services they may require.


Throughout the year, our support extends to approximately 150+ whānau.


Each year, we organize an annual community food bank drive, and we also welcome walk-in donations on a daily basis. The success and sustainability of this service relies entirely on the support and commitment of our community.


Our sincere appreciation goes out to the Ōpōtiki Volunteer Fire Brigade and our local police for their unwavering support.

Your consistent contributions play a crucial role in not only making the Community Foodbank drive possible but also ensuring its prosperity.


A huge thank you to everyone who donated in our foodbank drive this year, and donations are still welcome to our offices on 94b Church Street Opotiki.


Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our hāpori, and for more information on our foodbank, check out our website at

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